Lyma International is a company specialized in printed fabrics for clothing, swimwear and lingerie. 

Its operating offices are located in Orsenigo, near to lake Como, renowned for its textile printing tradition which is passed on from generation to generation.

Today's use of digital technology has improved the printing tradition, giving it an innovative input thus enabling overwhelming results on fabrics.

Lyma International has mastered the art of printing and, with great ability and professionalism, is able to reproduce any kind of image or design, original artworks made on paper, silk, or digital files, on either natural or synthetic fabrics.

Our style office is run by a team of experimented and talented professionals used to understand and satisfy at best any of our clients requests. They will help you realize your fabric project and print your strike offs in a very short time.

Thanks to digital technology and to our in house Ink-jet printing department, we are able to print immediately and with high quality results, the work of our graphic specialists, and this on fabrics of any kind.

Our work and professionalism are appreciated and recently lead us to collaborate with big luxury brands, thus giving us enormous satisfaction.

Our staff will be happy to work together with you and help you reach success!